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This first day of the Summit started with the official announcement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

This new version has three pre-enabled repositories. The first is BaseOS which is intended to provide the core set of the underlying operating system functionality that provides the foundation for all installations. Second one are the Application Streams which essentially are the next generation of Software Collections, are intended to provide additional functionality beyond what is available in BaseOS. And last but not least there is the CodeReady Builder which provides additional libraries and developer tools. You can read more about RHEL 8 on

Besides the RHEL 8 launch this day was all about the Open Source culture. After having lunch with the Accelerators team we started with an Accelerators Summit Panel titled Winning with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In this panel fellow Accelerators talked about their success stories with Red Hat products and the way Open Source changed their culture.

Open Source is not only taking but also giving back to the community. It is not only the code, it is also about how organizations work together. Open Source really speeds innovation to deliver infrastructure, platforms and applications. And with all these communities and people helping it is also much more secure.

The official kickoff of the Summit started at the evening with the first keynote. Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst talked with the CEO of IBM, which is the biggest contributor of Open Source, about the recent buy of Red Hat. Also the CEO of Microsoft was on stage to talk about the way Microsoft is integrating Open Source in their products.

It all came to one essential accelerate your innovation and digital transformation with Open Source!

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