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The Story Behind LinProfs

LinProfs was set up in 2007 and we have a team of dedicated consultants to support our customers anywhere and anytime. We are committed to an agile, cost-effective, fast and secure IT infrastructure. We strongly believe that IT becomes even more important over time. And for competitive advantage, innovation, growth, and quicker time-to-market is imperative for our customers. For that, we create future-proof infrastructure. LinProfs stands out from the crowd as an IT company with a difference. Our entrepreneurial spirit is dedicated to nurturing our employees' skills and fostering their personal growth. At LinProfs, we embrace an open-minded culture that encourages everyone to excel. The owner, Mark Veldhuis, draws on his experience as a former IT Manager at Ahold NV. Recognizing the untapped potential within corporate structures and the missed growth opportunities for employees, Mark set out to establish a company driven not solely by profit, but by a commitment to societal impact and the empowerment of individuals to be their best selves. Thus, LinProfs was born. Recently, we've expanded our reach to Gran Canaria (Spain), opening up exciting new job opportunities on the island. With its wealth of offerings and delightful climate, Gran Canaria provides the perfect backdrop for our team members to thrive.



100% Expert Team

Our key values

Mutual Trust

At LinProfs, we are convinced that durable success can only be achieved if there is mutual trust. We take full responsibility for the activities we undertake. We uphold our promises, solve problems, and strive for the optimal solution.


We pay attention to our customers and employees. We are curious, listen to what the other person has to say, and are always interested in the story behind it: what drives our customers and employees? What defines their success?

Lifelong learning

At LinProfs, we value mutual trust for lasting success. Our team learns, innovates, and advises with customer insights. We take full responsibility, keep promises, solve problems, and offer transparent choices.


Within LinProfs, trust is foundational to success. Our team continuously learns to offer personalized advice. We take full responsibility, solve problems, and provide transparent choices, ensuring optimal outcomes for our customers.


We care

We’re intrigued by the stories of both our customers and their employees. We consistently lend an ear and maintain a curiosity for what others have to share.

We share

We embrace Open Source due to its universal advantages. It facilitates shared information essential for control and adaptability. Our solutions, agile, cost-effective, and secure, support Multi-Cloud platforms and on-premises environments alike. We provide our clients and partners with a future-proof infrastructure.

We solve

Our team members are continuously engaged in learning and training, acquiring fresh knowledge and exploring the latest solutions. This ensures that we can provide our customers with the best possible advice.


Meet Our Skilled Expert Team


Mark Veldhuis

Owner & CEO

Carina Bosch

Administration & HR

Vova Maystruk

Project Manager

Ioana R. Bortes

Recruitment & Marketing Manager

Iulia A. Pana

Cybersecurity & Cloud Engineer

Ruben Six

Cybersecurity & Cloud Engineer

Alex Polsky

Cybersecurity & Cloud Engineer

Nick V. D. Brandhof

Cybersecurity & Cloud Engineer

Casper Kuijper

Cybersecurity & Cloud Engineer

We Handle All Aspects Of Professional IT Services

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  • Advanced Infrastructure Expertise
  • Tailored Engagement
  • Synergistic Partnership
  • Unbiased Independence
  • High-Quality Services
  • Reliability

LinProfs is your partner in Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions. Our mission is to give customers control over their ever-changin IT Infrastructure.

Driven by Our Open Source mentality, we build flexible, cost-effective, fast and secure infrastructure solutions. Establishing a future-proof infrastructure for our customers and partners provides a solid foundation for their business and new developments. We operate as a knowledge-intensive company with highly skilled employees in the Netherlands and Spain, always staying up to date with the latest technologies. Through official partnership, we support you in every challenge, ensuring that even the most complex problems can be explained, solved or advised on.

Tailoring contracts to fit our customers’ needs, we offer support with monitoring, updates, incident handling/service desk, proactive and preventive improvements, business development, health monitoring, and more. With our Security Operation Centre, organizations gain a comprehensive 24/7 overview of internal and external threats.

Partnering with LinProfs ensures the security of your IT, preparedness for future changes, and maintaing control.

Are you in control of your Cybersecurity and Infrastructure?

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