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Streamlining Software Deployment: 999 Games Partners with LinProfs

Discover how 999 Games, a dynamic gaming product publisher in the Benelux, upgraded their software development strategy with LinProfs. Based in Almere, the company expanded its webshop development team to optimize operations using their own DTAP street. Faced with challenges in software rollout efficiency, they partnered with LinProfs, specialists in cloud solutions and cybersecurity.

Automation for Efficiency

Christiaan van Aken, Technology Evangelist at LinProfs, discusses the pivotal role of automation in addressing 999 Games’ needs. Leveraging their existing version control system, LinProfs integrated Ansible and Ansible Tower, bolstered by their Red Hat partnership. Ansible automated server setups and configurations across the DTAP environment, ensuring secure and efficient deployments.

Streamlined DTAP Setup

Peter Keizer, a developer at 999 Games, shares the benefits: “LinProfs’ guidance on Ansible and Ansible Tower streamlined our DTAP process, reducing overhead and ensuring secure, synchronized deployments.” Despite initial setup costs, daily deployments and faster time-to-market for new features have validated their investment.

Commitment to Innovation

This collaboration highlights 999 Games’ commitment to leveraging advanced cloud and cybersecurity solutions, enhancing their competitive edge in gaming product distribution.

Read more about the 999 Games case study here.

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