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Case Study

Eurocontrol, a pan-European aviation authority, sought to fortify its security measures and streamline operations amidst staffing shortages. Collaborating with LinProfs, the organization embarked on a journey to bolster its infrastructure, with a keen focus on security enhancement and automation implementation.

Beveiligingsverbetering met LinProfs

Faced with the imperative to enhance security protocols, the aviation authority entrusted LinProfs with the task of implementing robust security hardening measures on their Linux instances. Through meticulous attention to detail and specialized expertise, LinProfs fortified defenses against potential cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical systems.

Vooruitgang in automatisering voor efficiëntie

Recognizing the pivotal role of automation in mitigating errors and optimizing workflows, the collaboration prioritized the integration of automation solutions. Leveraging Ansible, configuration management processes were streamlined, minimizing manual intervention and reducing the likelihood of errors. This strategic approach not only enhanced operational efficiency but also facilitated seamless adaptability to evolving requirements.

Overgang naar GitOps methodologie

Embracing innovation, Eurocontrol and LinProfs transitioned to a GitOps methodology to refine configuration management. By centralizing changes within Git repositories and automating deployment pipelines, they ensure consistency and reproducibility across the infrastructure. This paradigm shift enables swift adaptation to changing demands while maintaining impeccable configuration integrity.

Uitgebreide oplossingen leveren

Naast initiatieven op het gebied van beveiliging en automatisering heeft LinProfs een belangrijke rol gespeeld in verschillende projecten bij Eurocontrol, waaronder Kubernetes, OpenShift, Splunk, Kafka, Keycloak, HashiCorp Vault, Privileged Access Management en Flux CD. Door middel van samenwerkingsverbanden en geavanceerde oplossingen blijft LinProfs Eurocontrol in staat stellen zijn missiekritische doelstellingen te bereiken.

Door expertise te combineren met innovatie hebben Eurocontrol en LinProfs de infrastructuur van Eurocontrol versterkt en een precedent geschapen voor uitmuntendheid in luchtvaartbeveiliging en operationele efficiëntie.

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