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Cloud Infrastructure Automation with Terraform and Ansible

Remember Darío from our Gran Canaria office? He write this article to share his internship experience with you all. Coming from ICSE, Darío delves into his journey of automating cloud infrastructure using Terraform and Ansible. Read on for his insights!

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Online Security Check Service

Implementation of an Online Security Check Service

In a time where digital security is increasingly crucial, protecting online websites takes precedence. This research, conducted by Furkan Kizilbayir as part of his study in ‘BSc in IT – Cyber Security & Cloud’ at Hogeschool Utrecht, focuses on developing

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Sigma-regels: Elasticsearch versterken bij LinProfs

My name is Furkan Kizilbayir, a fourth-year student at Hogeschool Utrecht where I am pursuing a degree in ‘HBO-ICT – Cyber Security & Cloud’. Currently, I am actively engaged as an intern at LinProfs, where I am involved in a challenging

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Onderzoek naar verschillende vormen van Cloud Remote Desktops

We (Furkan Kizilbayir, Peter Pluim, Nick Sangers & Steven van den Ham) are a group of 4 students from the HBO Cyber Security & Cloud course. For the project Business to the Cloud, we researched different Remote Desktop Services in

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A CTF Platform implemented by Intern Marije Radstaak

My name is Marije Radstaak, and I am currently studying HBO-ICT: Cybersecurity & Cloud. I recently completed an internship at LinProfs, where I was tasked with implementing a Capture The Flag (CTF) platform to train employees and test applicants. Research

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Koen Kieft’s Cybersecurity Internship with LinProfs

Enhancing OpenSIEM for Cybersecurity Monitoring I’m Koen Kieft, currently studying Cybersecurity & Cloud at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Having completed my internship at LinProfs B.V., I’m now entering the fourth year of my program, specializing in Complex Cloud Systems

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Optimizing Managed Security Services: Intern Kevin Hannisse

I’m Kevin Hannisse, currently studying HBO-ICT with a specialization in Cyber Security & Cloud at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. During my internship at LinProfs, I focused on automating update processes to optimize Managed Security Services. Automating for Efficiency Recognizing

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Physical Security Added to Cybersecurity by Intern Ramon

I am Ramon Petri, a Technical Informatics student at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, currently interning at LinProfs B.V. In my third year, my studies focus on embedded systems, internet of things, microcontrollers, and artificial intelligence. Internship Focus: OpenSIEM and

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Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk Implemented by Intern Huub Kool

My Internship Journey Hello! I’m Huub Kool, a third-year student at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. As part of my academic journey, I embarked on an exciting internship at LinProfs B.V. This experience involved a critical project: migrating LinProfs’ ticketing

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