Koen Kieft’s Cybersecurity Internship with LinProfs

Enhancing OpenSIEM for Cybersecurity Monitoring

I’m Koen Kieft, currently studying Cybersecurity & Cloud at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Having completed my internship at LinProfs B.V., I’m now entering the fourth year of my program, specializing in Complex Cloud Systems – Infrastructures and Security.

Internship Focus: OpenSIEM and Cyber Security

At LinProfs, I worked on enhancing the Cybersecurity Monitoring Platform OpenSIEM. This platform plays a crucial role in LinProfs’ security monitoring strategy, leveraging Open Source tools used by industry leaders like KPN and Philips. My task was to make OpenSIEM available as a downloadable virtual appliance and ensure its ease of maintenance.

Collaboration and Learning

Throughout my internship, I collaborated closely with LinProfs’ engineers, benefiting greatly from their expertise. The assignment provided numerous challenges and learning opportunities in Cloud and Security domains.

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