A CTF Platform implemented by Intern Marije Radstaak

My name is Marije Radstaak, and I am currently studying HBO-ICT: Cybersecurity & Cloud. I recently completed an internship at LinProfs, where I was tasked with implementing a Capture The Flag (CTF) platform to train employees and test applicants.

Research and Selection of CTF Platform

The first step involved extensive research into various CTF platforms. After comparing them based on LinProfs’ requirements, we selected Root the Box as the most suitable platform. Root the Box is user-friendly and easy to deploy with Docker. We automated the deployment process on LinProfs’ servers using Ansible, writing various playbooks to manage the setup. Multiple Root the Box containers run concurrently and are accessible through an nginx reverse proxy.

Implementing CTF Challenges

To make the CTF platform comprehensive, we included both Docker and Virtual Machine challenges. Docker challenges feature custom-made tasks and existing images with CVE vulnerabilities. These are deployed to another LinProfs server using Ansible and managed via an nginx reverse proxy. For Virtual Machine challenges, we used pre-made OVA/OVF files, deployed through Terraform to VMware ESXi.

Learning and Experience

Overall, this project was a significant learning experience. I gained a deeper understanding of cybersecurity by creating and testing challenges. Additionally, I improved my skills with Ansible and Terraform, thanks to the guidance of LinProfs engineers. This internship has been a valuable part of my education and professional development.

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