Red Hat Summit 2019: Planning Our Agenda #2

Red Hat Summit 2019

Preparing for the Red Hat Summit 2019: Our Exciting Agenda #2

With only a few days to go, the Red Hat Summit 2019 is approaching quickly. Our preparations are well underway—we booked our flights, hotel, and transportation two weeks ago. The most challenging part, however, was putting together our agenda for the Summit. With more than 500 sessions, including labs, workshops, breakouts, and general sessions, selecting the right ones was no easy task.

Crafting Our Red Hat Summit Agenda

The Summit agenda is packed with a diverse range of sessions. We carefully reviewed all the options multiple times to choose the sessions that best match our interests and areas of expertise. We’ve created a balanced schedule that we believe will be both enriching and engaging.

Exclusive Sessions for Red Hat Accelerators

As members of the Red Hat Accelerators, we have access to additional exclusive sessions not listed on the general Summit agenda. Our schedule is full, starting on Monday, the day before the Summit officially begins. Here’s a glimpse of what we have planned:

Monday: Arrival in Boston, meeting with the Accelerators, followed by a reception and a Red Hat Benelux welcome drink at an Irish pub.
Throughout the Summit: Joint breakfasts, dinners, evening bowling, Summit panels, and fun competitions specifically organized for the Accelerators.

Anticipating a Busy and Exciting Week

With all these activities and sessions, we are certain that we won’t have a chance to get bored during the week. The Red Hat Summit 2019 promises to be a week filled with learning, networking, and fun.

Here you can find the first timer’s guide to Red Hat Summit.

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