Red Hat Summit: OpenShift 4 and Hybrid Cloud Innovations #4

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Red Hat Summit

Red Hat Summit Day 2 Highlights: Embracing the Hybrid Cloud Future

During Day 2 of the Red Hat Summit, the spotlight was on the hybrid cloud, which Red Hat champions as the default architecture of the future. This innovative infrastructure approach is poised to revolutionize how enterprises manage their cloud environments.

Red Hat OpenShift 4: A Unified Hybrid Cloud Experience

A significant announcement was the upcoming release of Red Hat OpenShift 4, set to be available next month. This next-generation enterprise Kubernetes platform is engineered to deliver a seamless cloud experience across hybrid environments. Key features include:

  • Automation-First Approach: OpenShift 4 is a self-managing platform offering automatic software updates and lifecycle management.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, it ensures reliability and performance.
  • Lifecycle Management with Operators: Operators automate the lifecycle management of containerized applications with Kubernetes. The new website serves as a community hub for sharing Kubernetes Operators.

Additionally, Microsoft announced that Azure Red Hat OpenShift is now generally available. This fully managed service boasts a 99.9% service-level agreement (SLA) and is jointly supported by Microsoft and Red Hat.

Enhanced SaaS Cloud Management Services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat also unveiled new SaaS cloud management services designed to enhance Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These services integrate the robust infrastructure management capabilities of Red Hat Satellite with the ease of cloud-based management. Whether Red Hat Enterprise Linux is deployed on-premises or in the cloud, users can:

  • Assess System Performance: Monitor and analyze system performance metrics.
  • Run Comprehensive Reports: Generate detailed reports on system health and performance.
  • Remediate Security Issues: Identify and fix vulnerabilities (CVEs), ensuring compliance and security across the hybrid cloud.

These services are included with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, providing exceptional value. A new portal offers access to Red Hat Insights, Cloud Management Services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager. The Cluster Manager streamlines the installation, registration, and management of OpenShift 4 clusters.

Red Hat’s advancements in hybrid cloud solutions highlight its commitment to innovation and leadership in cloud infrastructure. With Red Hat OpenShift 4 and enhanced cloud management services, enterprises can look forward to a future of seamless, automated, and secure cloud operations.

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