999Games’ Innovative Journey

Case Study

Founded in 1990 by Michael Bruinsma, 999Games has transformed from a modest mail-order company into a leading Dutch publisher and distributor of board games, card games, and trading card games. Along this journey, the company has created iconic games such as ¨Elfenland¨, ¨The Settlers of Catan¨, and 30 Seconds, garnering widespread acclaim and recognition.

The company encountered challenges integrating its Magento webshop with its ERP System, Exact-Globe, and maintaining its software infrastructure, encompassing AWS-hosted web applications and locally operated ERP and Windows applications.

In 2015, LinProfs undertook the development of the software infrastructure for 999Games, encompassing their ERP system and Windows applications. LinProfs continues to provide indispensable services in supporting the company.

AWS migration and infrastructure replacement

During the nearly 10-years journey with 999Games, LinProfs has elaborated different projects to enable growth and a secure, cost-effective and stable infrastructure. We have executed large scale projects, where local hardware on-premises was replaced, migrating a part of the essential infrastructure to AWS at the same time, without disturbing daily operations of the distribution center and sales.


LinProfs has implemented robust monitoring solutions to ensure the smooth operation of 999Games’ AWS-hosted web applications and local software infrastructure. Proactive monitoring helps detect and address issues promptly, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.


LinProfs facilitates regular updates to keep 999Games’ infrastructure systems current. These updates include the latest patches, enhancements, and security fixes.

Advanced support

Offering comprehensive support, LinProfs addresses any technical queries or issues that may arise. This assistance helps 999Games’ local IT department overcome challenges and optimize their systems.

LinProfs’ ongoing partnership with 999Games showcases the value of customized support. It drives operational excellence and maintains a competitive edge in the gaming industry. By offering essential monitoring, updates, and support services, LinProfs empowers 999Games to focus on creating exceptional gaming experiences. This ensures the reliability and performance of their software infrastructure.

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