Advacom & LinProfs: Partnering for Excellence

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Founded in 1993, Advacom is a strategic marketing and communications agency known for its innovative approach and client-centric solutions. With a commitment to excellence, Advacom sought to enhance its operational efficiency and streamline its IT infrastructure, focusing on monitoring, monthly updates, and reliable support.

Recognizing the need for customized solutions, the organization partnered with LinProfs to address their operational challenges. These challenges hindered their ability to maintain high standards of service delivery and responsiveness.

Migration to a new infrastructure

Notified by security alerts, Advacom reached out to LinProfs to renew their infrastructure. LinProfs designed and implemented a new infrastructure based on dedicated servers and AWS and migrated all websites of their customers.

Comprehensive monitoring

LinProfs implemented robust monitoring solutions to provide with real-time visibility into their IT infrastructure, ensuring proactive issue detection and resolution.

Regular monthly updates

We established a systematic process for monthly updates, ensuring that their systems and software remained up to date with the latest patches, enhancements, and security fixes.

Reliable Support

LinProfs provided round-the-clock support to Advacom, offering prompt assistance and resolution for any technical queries or issues. This bolstered their ability to deliver responsible and reliable client services.

Through LinProfs’ intervention, the company experienced significant improvements in their operational efficiency and client satisfaction:

  • Stable and secure infrastructure, ready for growth. Costs are always important, so the solution implemented is not only stable, but also cost-efficient.
  • Enhanced Monitoring: With real-time monitoring, Advacom gained better insights into their IT infrastructure, enabling proactive management, and minimizing downtime.
  • Timely updates: The implementation of monthly updates ensured Advacom’ systems remained secure and optimized, reducing vulnerabilities, and enhancing performance.
  • Improved Support: LinProfs reliable support services empowered Advacom to respond swiftly to client needs, fostering stronger relationships and trust.

The collaborative effort between LinProfs and Advacom demonstrates the transformative impact of tailored solutions on operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Addressing unique challenges with precision and expertise, LinProfs enabled enhanced service delivery and exceeded expectations. This partnership underscores the strategic value of IT support in driving success and growth in the dynamic marketing and communications landscape, supporting Advacom’s innovation and industry leadership with ongoing support from LinProfs.

For more information on how LinProfs can support your business, visit our products & services.

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