De Monnik Dranken: A Legacy of Family Entrepreneurship

Case Study

De Monnik Dranken stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of family entrepreneurship and dedication. Founded generations ago, this family-run company has evolved into a premier organization within the beverages industry. Today, under the stewardship of the 3rd and 4th generations, De Monnik Dranken employs over 100 individuals and boasts an impressive assortment of approximately 9,600 beverages and drink-related products. This case study delves into the success story of De Monnik Dranken, exploring its growth, strategies, and impact within the market.

Optimizing Business Operations with LinProfs

At LinProfs, we are dedicated to supporting companies like De Monnik Dranken in optimizing their business relationship and ensuring smooth operations in outsourcing, partnership, and business alliances. Our services are customized to enhance efficiency, security, and control for organizations like De Monnik Dranken.

A critical Progress database was operating on outdated hardware and an obsolete operating system. With our assistance, our customer now benefits from a stable environment where the old server has been repurposed as a backup. This transformation is crucial for the database, which has since become mission critical as a result.

Here’s how LinProfs empowers De Monnik Dranken:

How LinProfs Empowers De Monnik Dranken
Operational and security monitoring services

With our operational and security monitoring services, we ensure the continuous health and security of De Monnik Dranken’s infrastructure. By utilizing top-tier tools like Icinga, Elastic, and Nessus, we proactively monitor systems to detect and mitigate any potential issues or threats, safeguarding business operations.

Monthly Updates

We provide monthly updates to keep our customer’s systems and software current with the latest enhancements, patches, and security fixes. Security patches are fully automated deployed every week. By staying up to date, LinProfs can minimize vulnerabilities and optimize performance, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced security.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

LinProfs guarantees an uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.5% for single instances on premise. This commitment underscores our dedication to reliability, ensuring that De Monnik’s critical infrastructure remains accessible and operational to support their business needs.

Achieving Business Objectives with LinProfs

By partnering with LinProfs, De Monnik Dranken can leverage our expertise to optimize their operations, enhance security, and achieve their business objectives based on a stable and cost-efficient IT-infrastructure.

For more information on how LinProfs can support your business, visit our products & services.

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