Physical Security Added to Cybersecurity by Intern Ramon

I am Ramon Petri, a Technical Informatics student at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, currently interning at LinProfs B.V. In my third year, my studies focus on embedded systems, internet of things, microcontrollers, and artificial intelligence.

Internship Focus: OpenSIEM and Physical Security

At LinProfs, my internship centers on enhancing the Cybersecurity Monitoring Platform OpenSIEM. This platform alerts security operations center engineers to critical digital events. My task is to extend OpenSIEM with physical security capabilities. Through extensive research and a proof of concept, I aim to integrate various security systems with OpenSIEM. This integration will allow LinProfs to offer comprehensive digital and physical security solutions in a unified package to their customers.

My internship at LinProfs is an exciting opportunity to apply my technical knowledge and skills in enhancing OpenSIEM with physical security capabilities. This initiative not only expands the platform’s functionality but also positions LinProfs to deliver integrated security solutions to meet evolving customer needs.

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