Red Hat Summit 2019: RHEL 8 Launch & Open Source Insight #3

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Red Hat Summit 2019 Highlights: RHEL 8 Launch and Open Source Culture

The first day of the Red Hat Summit 2019 marked the official launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8). This new version introduces three pre-enabled repositories:

  • BaseOS: Provides core operating system functionality for all installations.
    Application Streams: Offers advanced software collections beyond
  • BaseOS.
    CodeReady Builder: Includes additional libraries and developer tools.
    Learn more about RHEL here.
Embracing Open Source Culture

The day continued with a focus on Open Source culture. Over lunch with the Accelerators team, discussions centered around the transformative power of Open Source. A highlight was the Accelerators Summit Panel, “Winning with Red Hat Enterprise Linux,” where members shared their success stories and experiences with Red Hat products.

Open Source goes beyond code; it fosters collaboration and innovation across organizations. This community-driven approach not only accelerates development but also enhances security.

Keynote Highlights

The evening keynote featured discussions between Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst, IBM’s CEO (major Open Source contributor), and Microsoft’s CEO on integrating Open Source into their products. They emphasized how Open Source accelerates innovation and digital transformation.


The Red Hat Summit 2019’s first day underscored the importance of Open Source in driving innovation and collaboration. Stay tuned as we continue to explore how Open Source is shaping the future of technology.

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