Philips: Strengthening Endpoint Security with LinProfs

Case study

Koninklijke Philips N.V., renowned as Philips, stands as a venerable Dutch multinational corporation with a storied history dating back to 1891. Transitioning from its electronics legacy to pioneering health technology, Philips remains a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Strategic Partnership for Endpoint Security

When Philips’ Group Security sought to fortify endpoint security across its global operations, they turned to LinProfs for expertise and solutions. The ambitious initiative aimed to deploy Carbon Black, a comprehensive security product, across the company’s extensive device network for advanced threat analysis and mitigation.

Global Implementation

LinProfs embarked on the challenge with great enthusiasm, orchestrating the seamless deployment of Carbon Black across Philips’ global footprint. With a staggering peak of 120,000 connected devices, LinProfs ensured uninterrupted protection and analysis capabilities across diverse regions spanning America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

To ensure compliance, LinProfs meticulously established four district clusters on AWS, strategically located to adhere to local regulations. Moreover, LinProfs undertook a significant upgrade, transitioning environments from CentOS7 to RHEL 8. This transition needed rebuilding from the scratch, presenting an opportunity to introduce automation tools like Ansible. This automation streamlined the setup process, enhancing efficiency and scalability.

Efficiency Boost through Automation

In a strategic upgrade endeavor, LinProfs transitioned Philips’ environments from CentOS7 to RHEL 8, seizing the opportunity to introduce automation tools like Ansible. This transition not only enhanced efficiency but also laid the foundation for scalable and streamlined operations in the upgraded environment.

Recognizing the importance of historical data, LinProfs created a shadow environment, enabling the Security Operations Center (SOC) to access 120 TB of data seamlessly in case they needed to search for something. This meticulous approach ensured uninterrupted operations, allowing for a smooth transition to the upgraded environment.

Trusted Partners in Cybersecurity Excellence

Through collaborative efforts with Philips, LinProfs successfully navigated complex regulatory landscapes and technical challenges, solidifying their reputation as trusted allies in cybersecurity and infrastructure management.

By synergizing expertise with innovation, LinProfs and Philips have fortified endpoint security, setting a new standard for resilience and vigilance in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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