Synergy Unleashed: LinProfs and Bakker&Spees Collab

Case Study

Based in Amsterdam, Bakker & Spees is a leading Dutch software company specializing in developing software solutions for the civil engineering sector, road construction, and hydraulic engineering. With a dedicated team of 40 employees, Bakker & Spees is committed to delivering high-quality software to meet the unique needs of its clients.

As Bakker & Spees continues to innovate and evolve, LinProfs is proud to offer a range of tailored services to support their operations and ensure the smooth functioning of their software infrastructure. Here are the services provided by LinProfs to Bakker & Spees:

1. Custom Net Module Refractor:

LinProfs conducted a thorough analysis of Bakker & Spees’s net module and implemented a custom refactor solution to optimize performance and enhance functionality.

2. Orchestration Speed-Up:

Leveraging their expertise in orchestration technologies, LinProfs accelerated Kubernetes orchestration processes, improving efficiency, and reducing deployment times.

3. Salt Reactor Failover Implementation:

We deployed robust failover mechanisms within the Salt reactor environment, ensuring continuous availability and resilience in the face of system failures.

4. High-Priority PostgreSQL Upgrade:

Recognizing the critical importance of database performance, LinProfs prioritized the PostgreSQL upgrade, ensuring that Bakker & Spees’s database systems were up-to-date, secure, and optimized for performance.

Through LinProfs’ intervention, Bakker & Spees realized significant improvements in their software infrastructure:

  • Enhanced Performance: The custom refactors and orchestration optimization led to improved system performance, enabling Bakker & Spees to operate more efficiently.
  • Increased Reliability: Implementation of failover mechanisms bolstered system reliability, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.
  • Optimized Database: The PostgreSQL upgrade provided Bakker & Spees with a secure and high-performing database environment, supporting their critical business operations effectively.

Together, LinProfs and Bakker & Spees have proven that collaboration breeds success. By tackling challenges head-on and leveraging expertise, they’ve unlocked efficiency and reliability in Bakker & Spees’s infrastructure. This partnership exemplifies the power of teamwork in driving

For more information on how LinProfs can support your business, visit our products & services.

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