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On the 25th of September, 2021 we had our teambuilding adventure.

This time our CEO, Mark Veldhuis, gave us the challenge to help sail the sailing vessel Actia on a beautiful day which, to be honest, helped us create a good impression of Netherlands’ weather to our spanish colleagues.

That wonderful morning we sailed to Marker Wadden. Linprofs’ team had to show great sailing effort and teamskills to help crewmates navigate the boat.

Arriving at Marker Wadden was, for us the spaniards, astonishing. Coming from Canary Islands, a volcanic Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it was such a different panoramic view for us; flat, easily accesible and, hear me out, green. Yes, green. The Islands feel in its vast majority like a volcanic desert. It is too hot and dry for plants to grow so that it is one of the main things we noticed when coming to The Netherlands and even more at Marker Wadden. The islands have been colonized by large numbers of breeding birds. A colony of 200 breeding pairs of pied avocet has made the Marker Wadden their home and we were able to experience the colony in their own habitat.

All-in all, it was a great teambulding day. NAUPAR crew was very friendly and helpful and they even cooked tapas and a spanish omelette for us. It felt just like home! If you want to see LINPROFS & NAUPAR crew navigating the boat, we managed to fly a drone and record some fantastic shots.

Have a look at some shots:

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